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How the Best Free Plagiarism Checker Can Help You Produce a Strong Speech Presentation

Contrary to popular belief, plagiarism checkers aren’t only useful for writing essays. They can also be important when you need to write a speech. This is true whether you are writing a speech for a grade in school or not. When you are writing a speech, you do not necessarily need to focus on the same things that you would need to focus on if you were writing an essay, but plagiarism is one of the things you always need to watch out for. It can be the difference between a passing an failing grade or a successful speech and an embarrassment.

Why Check a Speech?

You may be wondering why you even need to check a speech for plagiarism. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are two main reasons, at least one of which will apply to anyone who writes a speech. The most important reason to check a speech is that using plagiarism can cause you to fail your assignment or your class. For anyone else, the best reason to avoid plagiarism is to avoid looking unintelligent.

If you are giving a speech in your class, it might be hard for your teacher or professor to realize if you are plagiarizing just by listening to you speak, which is why they will sometimes record the speech to watch again later or ask for you to turn in a transcript of the speech. This way, they can know if the quotes used in your speech are your own or if they are copied or paraphrased from someone else.

Even when you are not graded for your speech, like you would be in an education setting, you still don’t want to get caught plagiarizing. If you use a speech, or a part of a speech, that someone else used, then it can be embarrassing. A perfect example of something like this happening was when Melania Trump gave a speech that sounded much like the one Donald Trump gave that had a little too much in common with a speech given near the end of the film Legally Blonde. This was a hilarious, but true, news story. To see a Jimmy Fallon video about this, check out this link.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Some students and other speech writers may wonder why they need to use a plagiarism checker. After all, why use one if you know you haven’t plagiarized. However, plagiarism isn’t always one on purpose; sometimes, it’s purely accidental! That’s when using a plagiarism checker can come in handy.

There are several ways in which one can plagiarize a speech - it’s not as simple as just copying and pasting! Basically, whenever you use someone else’s words, whether you directly quote them or paraphrase what they said, you need to cite your source or else you are technically plagiarizing, whether you meant to or not.

How to Cite Sources in a Speech

When it comes to citing sources in writing, there are several different formats that can be used. Often, sources are put in parentheses and in a reference list at the end of the paper. However, you cannot use parentheses while giving a speech. It would just sound awkward. It would also sound awkward to end your speech by giving a list of your references. You also cannot avoid putting citations in your speech entirely, or else you will run right back into the trouble of plagiarizing. Luckily, there are less awkward ways to put citations in your speeches.

Unlike citing sources in essays, you do not need to put every little detail of the citation into your paper. In most cases, you can simply state the author's name or where you pulled the quote from (the name of a book, song, and more). By doing something as simple and easy as this, your audience will know where you got your quote or information from, and you will not get in trouble for plagiarism.

The best way to cite your source in your speech, if you are unsure how much information to include, is to simply say something that provides your audience with enough information to know you are quoting someone or something without sounding awkward. Below are some examples of how you would cite a quote in a speech.

“Francis Edwards once said, “All is fair in love and war.””

“In his book, The Fault in Our Stars, John Green writes, “As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.””

When it comes to using paraphrased quotes, phrases, or ideas that someone else had first, you can still cite the words in much of the same way. A couple of examples of this are also listed below.

“In Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous I Have a Dream speech, he discusses his desire for black and white people to live in harmony.”

“Shakespeare’s writing is complicated now. For example, one of his scenes from The Tempest may need to be written differently today. A reader nowadays might read “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises” as “Don’t be afraid, the isle is just noisy.””

4 Tips for Picking Free Checkers

There are several things you are going to want to look into when you are looking for a free plagiarism checker to use. These features are important to both writing speeches and essays.

1. Large Database

The larger a plagiarism site’s database is, the more sources they can compare your work to. Most plagiarism checkers are likely to check online web pages, which should be good enough for writing a speech. However, if you are working on writing an essay, you may want to use a plagiarism checker that also checks articles and other print sources.

2. Simple Terms and Conditions

While most websites do have long terms and conditions pages, a good plagiarism checker shouldn’t. If they do, they may be trying to trick you into agreeing to give them whatever you upload. A good plagiarism checker will never ask you to give them your work or try to steal it from you. With a good plagiarism checker, trust is key.

3. Check for Quotes

While this is not necessary, it can be helpful if the plagiarism checker you use can detect when you are using quotes. This is good because it will help you save time in the long run as it won’t count something you have already cited as plagiarism.

4. Give Sources

One of the most important features for a plagiarism checker to have is an originality report. This type of report will tell you what percent of your text is copied. Even better, an originality report can sometimes tell you where your copied material comes from so you can make sure to cite it. This saves time so that you don’t need to try to figure out where the copied text came from.

Great Free Plagiarism Checkers

There are plenty of great free plagiarism checkers online. Below is a list of some of the best plagiarism checker websites and their features. Some of these websites are totally free to use, while some of the other sites have free trials.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is both a plagiarism checker and a grammar checker. You can use this link to be directed to the plagiarism checker page. Grammarly’s database consists of literally billions of websites, so you can be sure it will catch almost all instances of plagiarism. This website has a free trial, but you will need to buy a premium subscription to be able to check longer documents.

2. SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a college-based plagiarism checker that is owned by the online college classroom group called Blackboard. This is a website that you either have through your college or you don’t. It cannot be purchased or used by individuals. If your school uses Blackboard, then you can use the system entirely free of charge and see and download originality reports.

3. Turnitin

Turnitin is another plagiarism checking site that focuses mostly on catering to college students and professors. This site has one of the largest databases, checking billions of websites and over a million print sources. It also provides users with a comprehensive originality report - sources included! You are allowed to use the free trial, but the full list of advantages is still paid.

We hope that this information will help you to understand why using a plagiarism checker is so important, even when it comes to writing speeches. Keep these tips in mind as you decide which plagiarism checker to use as well as to find out the best plagiarism checker online that will offer you tranquility. Good luck!

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